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Some sure signs that you’re a serial crafter: When your workspace is peppered by remembrances of crafting past (découpage, anyone?), present (how many WIPs are too many?) and future (gotta dabble in polymer clay modeling one of these days…). When your round-nose pliers are vying for space with your crochet hooks. When you can rationalize another fabric purchase because your sewing stash isn’t nearly as bad as your yarn stash. You know—when one craft just isn’t enough. Founded by two proud serial crafters, EverCrafting is a vibrant, fun community where you can keep all of your supplies and projects organized, hang out with similarly crafty friends and find inspiration in each other’s projects. EverCrafting: It’s for your whole crafting life.

manage-stash manage-stash

Manage That Stash.

EverCrafting offers members a single location to log all of your supplies, tools and patterns, so you’ll never have to figure out what to do with that third sweater quantity of pea-green alpaca yarn that you forgot you bought. Unless you meant to do that.

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Show & Tell with friends.

Create and share project pages with as many photos, details and tips as you want. Browse through other members’ projects to get ideas, learn new techniques and make note of new things you want to try.

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Learn From Our Gurus.

EverCrafting spotlights projects, patterns, designers, tutorials and more. Got a question about a project that’s stumping you? Just ask. The experts and makers in our community are happy to share their ideas and solutions.